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Roe is the newest addition to my guitars range, it's a tiny guitar tuned one fourth above standard tuning, think of a guitar capoed at the fifth fret. The intervals between strings are the same so there is very little getting used to the new instrument. it's great as travel guitar but it has a unique voice that stands on its own even amongst other instruments. It's small, but it definitely cuts through the mix, a great way to broaden your sound palette!

This is no toy guitar, it's built with all the same features as my full sized instruments, and it shows!

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All of my guitars are handmade, from the planks of wood to the finish buffing. The wood is carefully selected to achieve the desired tone, and flawlessy worked into a responsive and playable instrument. Each guitar can be customized with a wide array of options, from the cutaway to a compound radius fingerboard, and one-of-a-kind inlays and rosettes. I reserve particular attention to the ergonomics of the instrument and its playability, carefully developing a design idea that ties the instrument together.

tradition and innovation

Guitar making is a powerful mix of tradition and innovation. Each builder tries to find his personal recipe, and it's amazing how many different incarnations of a few pieces of wood and strings are out there. I tend to build with a modern approach with regards to the specs of the instrument (adjustable neck systems, alternative bridge designs, fan frets, bevelled armrest...), but some aspects of the construction are very traditional. For example I excusively use hide glue to brace the plates, the braces are hand carved, joints are hand planed.