Maxmonte Guitars

modern design
unique features
premium woods
elegant trim
awesome playability
complete customization
exclusive components
innovative solutions
advanced ergonomics
classy details
one off instruments
original design
unique instruments
premium components



I offer some standard models as well as completely one off instruments. The focus of my production is on acoustic guitars and harp guitars. I also build electric guitars and basses based on original designs.
I build my instruments one at a time using traditional and modern techniques. I feel like there are tried and true methods that have stood the test of time, but also that as a craftsman I need to push forward and innovate. I use advanced materials like carbon fiber, epoxy resin, ZipFlex purfling, poly acrylic finish and modern techniques like vacuum clamping, jig routing... and yet I still glue my braces on a go bar deck with hot hide glue, hand plane my joints, hand carve the neck and such.


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