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Lunedì, 23 Aprile 2018 00:00

Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018

Hi everyone! Come join my at my table in Berlin @ the awesome Holy Grail Guitar Show, May 5-6. 

The show hosts some of the greatest guitar builders in the world!!! More details on their site


I'll have a few new instruments for you to check out... come say ciao!

Martedì, 01 Agosto 2017 00:00

Summer 2017 and upcoming shows

Well, here we are... the updates on this blog are as sparse as the hair on my head these days. With facebook and the likes I end up posting more on social platforms than here... but it's good to add some updates every now and then.

So what have I been up to? The workshop had some major upgrades, I sorted out all my wood stash to make sure I was ok with new CITES rosewood regulations, and I started building a few new models for the upcoming shows.

I'll be exhibiting in Cremona at Mondomusica (sept 29th - oct 1st) where I'll also be on translation duties for the luthiers' seminar with buddy Jason Kostal

For my american friends, I'll be at the Woodstock invitational luthiers shocase in the fall, oct 27-29, and I just received confermation that I have been accepted at the Holy Grail Show in Berlin, may 2018.

Come see me and my guitars!

IMG 0887

Giovedì, 13 Agosto 2015 00:00

Long overdue updates

Hi there my friends on the cyberweb! I have not posted here in a LONG time and for that I apologize.

I just updated the site with a new harp guitar model, my take on a nylon strung instrument... check it out on the HGN page. I really like the shape, especially the arm and the harp head... it reminds me of a head from Alien!

I have a new Danube on the bench which will be something special... but for now the rosette inlay is giving me quite a few headaches! Stay tuned for more info on this new project.danube pieces

Venerdì, 28 Marzo 2014 00:00

Harp Guitar Pickups

It is not a new thing per se, but I thought it would be nice to re-post this since a lot of people ask about pickups for harp guitars.

here is a snippet of their post


seymour duncan blog

Domenica, 16 Marzo 2014 00:00

A night in Venice

locandina m'interest

And so it was that I had a night out in Venice with my wife... to talk about guitars!

I was invited to give a presentation on what goes on in the weird connection between a luthier's head and his hands. Two old friends of mine planned a series of presentations on the value of artisanal work and the creative process behind it: boat building, hair dressing, wine making, beer brewing... and guitar making.
So, after leaving the kids with the baby sitter, we drove to Mestre to catch a train to Venice, and walked our way to Campo San Polo (thank you GPS!!!).

Lunedì, 18 Novembre 2013 19:58

Nice Antiphony review on

Here is a very nice report of the Maxmonte Antiphony on the website.

The report is in italian... put if you want to have some idea of what it says check out the automated translation by google: Maxmonte Antiphony

Lunedì, 09 Settembre 2013 09:58

The other side of guitar festivals

So, what do luthiers do when (almost) no guitarist is looking? Of course they work their magic to make awesome guitars, search the world for the perfect piece of wood, study the properties of resonances and string tension and whatnot...

Sabato, 20 Luglio 2013 06:25

Wandering with friends...

Well, I must say that Sarzana this year was a lot of fun! 

Venerdì, 19 Luglio 2013 21:16

New Danube on the design board

Here is the wood for a new Danube... The top is a very crispy sounding Italian spruce, and the back and sides are cocobolo. 

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